How It Works! Sellers


Get in-front of businesses from around the globe

Register your company on Trustroo and complete the verification process to go live. You can also register talents from your company on Trustroo and make them available for hiring on part-time and full-time projects. It takes at least 7 working days for Trustroo to complete all the verification steps. Trustroo takes the registration and verification process of sellers very seriously! We encourage sellers to complete their profile to improve chances of getting hired!


Access and bid on live projects matching your skills-set

For open live projects, you can bid directly and present your proposal. Companies interested in hiring your talent will contact you directly.


Manage the won projects directly with clients without interference

You are likely to compete against other Trustroo Sellers on open projects. Whereas, if the Buyer shares the project with you private mode, you can directly contact the Buyer and proceed to kick-off the project.

At Trustroo you are in direct contact with companies for an interference free relationship!

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