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Search for companies and talents with the skill-set you are looking for. Match found? Great!

Get started by creating a Company profile on Trustroo. Once your profile is live, you can search Trustroo database for verified freelancing companies and individual talents with specific skill sets.


Source your project by submitting the requirements and prerequisites.

Contract Projects in 3 ways: (a) Post projects for all verified Sellers (Indian IT companies) to View & Bid. (b) Search verified Talents Seller companies to hire them individually. (c) Alternatively, search Trustroo database for verifying Sellers in the desired category.


Select the company and talent to award the project. Match found!

(a) Review and shortlist the bids from the Sellers and award the project to the selected one. (b) Select verified Talents from Seller companies, according to the required skill sets. (c) Select and share projects directly with the Sellers on private mode.

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