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9 Step Verification Process

How to ensure that you are working with a registered IT company in India when you are seating several thousand miles away? Trustroo has got you covered! Trustroo's Listing Verification Team runs a strict background check on all listed companies. We request all listed companies to provide their company registration number and then our internal team runs it against the national database to complete the verification.

Trustroo ensures you have accurate contact information for greater visibility and confidence. Trustroo's Listing Verification Team calls to confirm each phone number is valid and reachable. We run this verification process every 90 days.

Email is often the primary mode of communication with freelancers and how frustrating is it to have an incorrect email address in the first place? Unfortunately, it happens far too frequently. Trustroo's Listing Verification Team verifies each email address provided by the listed companies. We run this verification process every 90 days.

Check-out social media presence of all the listed companies. Trustroo's Listing Verification Team ensures that each provided social media accounts are accredited. We run this verification process every 90 days.Social Media sites we cover: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube;

Want to see previous work of listed companies but you can't because they didn't post any of their work online? Trustroo requests access to previous work reference from all listed companies and then cross-verifies the source for authenticity.

Check-out what others have to say about their experience of working with the Trustroo listed companies. To ensure authentication, Trustroo's Listing Verification Team communicates directly with contacts (given we receive the consent) provided in testimonials for quality assurance. This process is followed for all available and new testimonials.

Experience matters! Trustroo's Listing Verification Team runs the provided year of establishment by a listing company against the national database to confirm authentication.

Trustroo produces video interview with primary contacts from the listing companies to help you better understand their value proposition, company objectives, communication skills and other vital vetting factors.

Online reviews are often mixed and some would argue they portray a better reflection to a client's experience in comparison to the testimonials posted on company websites. We take this into consideration and source online reviews from popular sites across social media and business listing sites.

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